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Where Can I Ride?

Idaho has over 7,200 miles of snowmobile trails in 29 grooming programs located throughout the state. Millions of acres of open riding exist on Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, State and private land. The Forest Service and BLM can provide information that identifies open and closed areas, closure dates and other details that may help you plan an enjoyable ride. Many county snowmobile programs also provide trail maps of the areas that are groomed. For more on where to ride in Idaho, click here.

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Snowmobile Safety Tips

  • Let someone know where you are going and when you expect to return.
  • Always keep to the right on snowmobile trails.
  • Don't ride alone; two snowmobiles traveling together are much safer than one.
  • Don't drink alcohol and ride.
  • Always carry basic emergency and survival equipment.
  • Be familiar with your snowmobile; try short trips and practice in open areas to become thoroughly familiar with its controls and operation before going on extended trips.
  • Always wear adequate winter clothing and protective glasses, goggles or face shields. Use sun screen to protect your skin from sunburn.

What Are The County Snowmobile And State Snowmobile Accounts?
Each county with a snowmobile program is entitled to 85% of the registration fees designated for that county during the registration period. The money may only be used for county snowmobile programs. The moneys are used for the maintenance and operation of snowmobile trail groomers, signing of snowmobile trails, plowing parking lots, and maintaining warming shelters. Up to 15% of the state snowmobile account generated each year may be used by the department for administrative costs, such as the cost of the sticker and mailing renewal notices.

What Is The County Snowmobile Advisory Committee?
The County commissioners of any county with a designated snowmobile program appoint a snowmobile committee to serve in an advisory capacity relating to the spending of moneys in the county snowmobile fund. Any person selected to be on the committee must be an active snowmobiler. Contact your county commissioners for information on your county snowmobile advisory committee.

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