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Where can I Ride?
The U.S. Forest Service provides
Travel Plan Maps that identify open and closed roads and trails, closure dates and other details that will help you plan an enjoyable ride. The Bureau of Land Management also has information on riding areas. 

How do I Register My Machine?


Riding Tips

  • Ride under control at a safe speed considering the terrain and the possibility of meeting other users.

  • Stay on trails and don't cut switchbacks, take shortcuts or create new trails.

  • Avoid muddy trails. Save them for future trips when they are dry.

  • When meeting equestrians, approach slowly, pull over, turn off your engine and remove your helmet, and ask the riders what to do to facilitate passing.

  • When overtaking others, follow at a safe distance until they reach the next suitable place to pass, then pass as slowly and as quietly as possible.

  • Honor trail closures, both seasonal and permanent.

  • In campgrounds, turn off and push your machine to ride directly to and from your campsite only. Minimize noise around others by using a consistent reduced speed.

  • ATV riders should avoid riding on single track trails.


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