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Ten miles south of Sandpoint off US95.

For a pdf map of the park, click here. (It will take a minute or two). For pdf viewer -- download reader

Round LakeThe 58-acre lake at Round Lake State Park was a million years in the making. It is a product of glacial activity dating back to the Pleistocene Epoch.

Round Lake campsites are shaded all day by towering western red cedar, western hemlock, ponderosa pine, Douglas fir and western larch. Modern restrooms and showers, a dump station, picnic tables and barbecue grills are available.

A walk on the two-mile “Trappers” nature trail around the lake will take you under canopies of western white pine, Engelmann spruce, grand fir, Lodgepole pine, black cottonwood, paper birch, red alder and Rocky Mountain maple.

The smaller plant life in the park ranges from those plants that grow in dry conditions (xerophytes) to those that grow in damp and watery conditions (mesophytes and hydrophytes).

Like the plant community, the animal life is varied and includes: snakes, turtles, shrews, pocket gophers, striped skunks, muskrat, mink, short-tailed weasels, beaver, pine squirrels, chipmunks, snowshoe rabbits, porcupines, raccoons, coyotes, bobcats, black bear, white-tailed deer and a wide range of birds, from herons to hummingbirds. Find your cisa study materials that you need here.The lake is rimmed with grasses and water lillies, from which bullfrogs sing their evening chorus. It provides food and habitat for brook trout, rainbow trout, largemouth bass, pumpkinseed sunfish, yellow perch, brown bullhead and black crappie.

Round Lake is relatively shallow, approximately 37 feet at its deepest point. Swimming is an all-day event in its warmer parts. After a full day of swimming, hiking or fishing, the evenings offer cool, quiet and restful hours around a crackling campfire, or the opportunity to attend an informative park-scheduled event. The park offers year-round recreation activities, with cross-country skiing, ice skating, sledding and ice fishing in the winter.

Location: Sagle, ID (2 Miles West on Dufort Road, off U.S. 95)
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 170, Sagle, ID 83860
Phone: 208-263-3489


  1. Do you take reservations:
    - Round Lake does NOT take reservations, it is a first come, first serve campground.
  2. How large of an RV can fit in the campground?
    - Round Lake is a small campground designed for smaller RV's and tent camping. We recommend trailers 24' or less. There are NO electrical hook ups, water is available in the campground and there is a dump station near the entrance to the park. There are two building with flush toilets and showers.
  3. Are boats allowed on the lake?
    - Small boats are welcome, however the lake is restricted to electric motors only. A gas motor can NOT be attached to the boat. Also if your boat is on a trailer we have very limited parking and you may have to disconnect it from your truck or car to be able to park.
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